Sunday, July 27, 2014

Not the 'REAL' China - "Can you find Darryl and the Elephants?"

We have been her for 57 days now and everywhere we go the locals who can speak English ask us what we think of Ordos. We tell them we really like it. It is beautiful, peaceful, lovely, safe and has so much to do. The next thing they almost all tell us is; "This isn't the 'real' China."  I want you to know we have been to Baoding, Dong Sheng, Ejin Horo and made the 10 hour drive to Beijing. We have seen the real China and we like Ordos better. With that in mind, here are some photos from the North Side of the river. This walk was a couple of miles long. Most of the red rock was hauled in sections, stacked together and carved. 
It was amazing!!! 

Above is the suspension bridge over the river and below are the man made red cliffs that have been hand carved. they start out as rough walls with doors going into what was supposed to be a museum and then the carvings are beautiful and intricate friezes. Below is a list of things to look for in the carvings!

Hello down there!

We found more bronze horses and a traditional pagoda shopping center under construction.

Sitting in on the Mongol's camp.

As you look through these beautiful carved friezes, see if you can spot the Sumo-type wrestler, camel, lions, dancing Darryl, musicians, a goat head and some monstrous elephants. 

The Mongols were famed for being fierce warriors, magnificent horseman and shooting arrows backwards at a full gallop.

This is one small section of the carved walls.

This is on top of the elephant statues and it's going to be an authentic Mongolian Restaurant.

At the end of the walk we had gone almost 8 miles. My feet were very tired but it was a great time with my sweetheart.


ryan lowry said...

So beautiful! And I like dad's poses.

Jacob and Cami said...

Once again I am amazed at their art work!