Sunday, August 3, 2014

Hong Kong! Temple and Disneyland! - Part One

We had to take another quick trip out of China to comply with our visas and this time we went to Hong Kong! One word describes this place - 
I have so many photos that I will have to make 2 or 3 posts to get them all in. Let's start with Tuesday morning July 29th.....
First off, before we left Darryl bought a new pair of shoes. (I guess for his birthday.) Every 60 yr. old man needs sneakers with Monkeys on them. 

These are so sexy! Haha!

The Beijing airport is immense!

On the airport express train headed into Hong Kong.

We walked around Hong Kong for a while and them went to dinner at a local "Cooked Food Market". Think Food court - Sort of.

We had a hard time deciding what to eat. Darryl was leaning towards the fried toad while I was thinking Bean Curd and Pork organs sounded delicious.
 He had BBQ pork and Pineapple and I had a green onion and peanut dish and chicken.
Walking around town at night.

Sunrise Wednesday morning over the Mongkok district of Hong Kong. The most densely populated place on earth! (Guiness book of World Records says so. 340,000 people per sq. Mile)

First thing Wednesday morning we went to the Hong Kong Temple. I was so excited about the trip I forgot to pack Darryl's Church clothes. He was self conscious and thought about skipping the session, but a temple worker welcomed him in telling him it's what's in his heart that counts, not what he was wearing.

The garden at the temple entrance was so lovely and peaceful.

It is such a beautiful temple! A piece of Heaven on Earth.

After the temple we went back to the hotel, I changed clothes and Darryl changed his shoes. We went across the street to McDonald's and grabbed some lunch to go and ate it on our walk to Olympic station and the train to Sunny Bay where we transfered to the Disney Train...

No doubt what train you're on here!

The Disney train station.

I am like a kid when it comes to Disneyland!

Loved the entrance and the bronzes in the fountain.

There it is!

The sign gives the population of Hong Kong at 5,500,000 and elevation at 39 ft.

Since we weren't with any children, grandchildren or friends, you will see a lot of random people in my pictures.

More to come tomorrow! Until then- Sweet "Disney" Dreams! 


ryan lowry said...

Reagan said, "I want to go see Minnie Mouse!" I want to go see it all! The temple is gorgeous! Wish I could have been there. Plus, love the fried toad and monkey shoes!

Cali and Travis said...

I want to go to Hong Kong! Looks like fun, can't wait to see the rest.