Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Disneyland Hong Kong - Part 2

I am having a tough time deciding what to post. In reality, every time I took a picture I was thinking of the Disney-holics in my life. Skye and Donna, Cali and Cami, Ashlynn. You know who you are. ;-) So if you're not into Disney you can skip this post, but if you ever think you might want to go to Hong Kong Disneyland, keep scrolling down! 
Walking down main street.

I got Darryl to turn around for this picture with Sleeping Beauty's castle in the background.

But most of my photos are like this, the back side of Darryl while I focus on what is in front of us, in this case it's Adventureland!

The sample menu, in plastic, in front of the Tahitian Terrace.

Photo opportunities with the PLANES!

And on to Grizzly Gultch!

The fun thing about this part of the park was the great old Western Music they played throughout the venue.

Skye insisted that we had to go see Mystic Manor and we were not disappointed. 

The outside of the Manor was really beautiful.
It was so hot that they tried to keep the lines that weren't under fans down to single queue,. 

So the part of the line that wound through the garden that had some "Mystic" to it was closed off.

While we waited in line we watched part of the Mystic Point show with Dancers from around the world performing at the Depot. 

Welcome to Mystic Manor -

This whole ride was amazing and probably my favorite of Hong Kong Disneyland!

We meant to go back to the garden of wonders later in the day and retake this picture of the Neptune Mosaic Anamorphic thingy, but we were having so much fun we forgot. Guess we will have to go back! 

When you leave Mystic point you walk into....

Toy Story Land!

I love the scrabble letters!

And into Fantasyland!

As we walked into "It's A Small World" ride I put my camera away.

Darryl said, "Don't put it away, you will want to take pictures". I said it wouldn't be neseccary because the ride was probably the same as in Florida.

I was wrong. See Wendy on the moon?

And Aladin, Jasmin and Abu?

How about Woody and Jessie?

or Mowgli and Baloo?

I didn't get the picture of Simba..

But I got Arial along with..

Lilo and Stitch!

Glad I took his advise.

"I told you that you would want to take pictures!"

When we left the small world ran right into the parade from Tomorrow Land with
Stitch and some surfer dudes..

Buzz Lightyear,

Aliens, Ham, Rex and the Parachute soldiers.

 Where we ended up put us in the parade and we walked along and waved at everyone!

Then it was time to take a fast ride at Space Mountain!

The 7 Dwarf statues at the mine entrance.

A selfie beside Sleeping Beauty's Castle.

Going on the Winnie the Pooh ride.

We went back to Adventure Land and took the Jungle River Cruise.

Cruising by Tarzan's Treehouse.

Apes "trashing the camp".

The raft over to Treehouse.

Tarzan and Jane.

It was almost dark when we left Tarzan's place, we were very tired and decided to go back to the city and reality (and dinner).

It was a wonderful day and I can't wait to go back!

 Oh... and I love Disney Pins. Here is my collection.

That's it for the Disneyland Photos. Next Post -
The "Not so Great Wall of China".


ryan lowry said...

Thank you for all of the pictures! They are fabulous! It looks like you had a fantastic adventure and I couldn't be happier for you! Mystic Manor looks amazing and Grizzly Gulch looks fun. Love you!

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