Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Our Chinese Home Away From Home

I have had people asking for photos of our apartment here in Ordos Kangbashi. We do love our little home here. It's 2 bedroom 2 bath located on the 9th floor.  

This cabinet/counter is only 11" wide. The round spot on the floor behind the door is a magnetic door stop.

My view out the kitchen window as I cook and wash the dishes.

Standing at the entry looking into the main room towards the hallway. 

The door on the left is the kitchen and on the right is the laundry room.

We have a nice size coat closet 

The front entry shoe cabinet and my desk.

Standing in the dining room looking into the living room.

The alcove. I need some plants to put in there.

The view of the courtyard.

Ikea closet insert.

It's pretty cheaply made, but I love the organization.

The laundry room

Second bedroom and where I keep my clothes dryer. ;-)

Another view of the dining room into the kitchen and laundry rooms.

My favorite feature of the house. 

Shoe "Cabinets". This one comes with drawers, hooks and racks. I want one! 

Now you've seen our little home away from home. It's quite pleasant and peaceful. . . well, except for the constant, daily fireworks that people shoot off. We have a spare bed so don't be shy. Come visit us! 

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