Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Demnont Crystal - My Friend Has Gone Home

Last weekend we learned that Kelly's Grandpa, Demont Crystal, had passed away. A bighearted friendly cowboy, he will be greatly missed. What a blessing it was to get to know him over the last several years. When I heard the news of his passing I had a picture in my minds eye of Demont meeting with his Heavenly Father and his Savior, Jesus Christ. I don't think he arrived walking, I imagine him riding up on his favorite horse with his hat on and a smile as big as the Idaho sky. This poem is for Glenna and the whole family. God Bless you all and may you find peace.

Demont has Gone Home   
                                by Cindy Sue Cunningham
The cowboys in heaven are happy today,
another top wrangler has come home to stay.

He’ll saddle up Wendy – ride through the tall grass,
looking for loved ones who this way did pass.

Sore joints, aches and pains will plague him no more
and joy fills his heart for what lies in store.

For you see all the stock on the prairies above
know of Demont and his care and his love.

So as our dear friend makes his way to the throne
his human and animal friends will be known.

They’ll walk him to where the gates are swung wide
And welcome him in for an eternal ride.

He’ll not need his spurs, but the joy he will feel
as once more he gallops and canters and wheels -   

His fine steed right up to the throne of God
where I’m sure our dear Savior will smile and nod . 

Demont will dismount and on bended knee
he’ll doff his hat and look up to see

The Father and Son with their arms open wide
to welcome him home from his grand Earthly ride!