Sunday, March 29, 2015

Inner Mongolia's World Famous Library and The Lantern Festival Fun

So as March came in winter gave one last mighty gust of cold wind and snow. 

What you see in line on the streets here is a snow removal crew. No snowplows, just our street sweepers with shovels, some home made and some store bought. This was actually later in the week as most of the snow was melting away. 

Unless it is raining or we have fierce winds Darryl and I will take walks on Sunday after Church to get out of the house. (Because we 'attend' church on Skype with about 70 other members scattered through-out the far reaches of China) We wander through the different plazas and parks...

... and on this Sunday we decided to walk through the Ordos Library, (click on the words to see images on the internet) a world famous building that is remarkable both inside and out. It is designed to look like books that are stacked on a shelf. 


It was such a pleasant Sunday.

The Chinese New Year finished up with the Lantern Festival. 

The whole town was decorated with Lanterns and the plaza was transformed to a party and carnival grounds. It was still daylight when Darryl and I arrived at the plaza and we had a hard time moving through the area as so many people wanted to take pictures with us. I only took a couple of pictures, but we must have spent 30 minutes trying to go about 50 yards. 

The tall lady on the my left was so excited to get her picture with us that she bought me a traditional treat of sesame balls in a sweet milk sauce they were selling on the plaza. When I started eating them she was very pleased and she and her friend started laughing and telling me "Very good" when I ate them all. What kind people we have here.

The lanterns had riddles attached to them. If you could solve a riddle you received a prize.

Festivals and carnivals everywhere are pretty much the same. A lot of food, fun and games ....

We strolled by the food booths

We found a huge maze ...

and enjoyed the beautiful evening.

I won't lie, sometimes I feel like a celebrity here because people always want to take pictures with Darryl and me. When we say yes they are always happy and full of smiles.  

The fireworks were almost non-stop for 2 days and nights!

Coal mining is what makes the world go around in this part of the world. It's the reason we are here. They had some huge coal fires in place to warm the revelers.

What grand and wonderful experiences we are having here in China and how welcomed the people here always make us feel as we celebrate their festivals and holidays with them. God is good and is greatly blessing us in this life! 

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