Sunday, March 8, 2015

Fun On the Ancient Wall of Xi'an

Viewing the City from the Wall of Xi'an. The inner city of Xi'an is surrounded by an ancient wall which dates from 582 A.D. when the west gate and south gates were built. The west gate served as the beginning of the Ancient Silk Road. (The silk Road dates back to 200 B.C.) 

Our first trip to the wall we entered through the South Gate that houses the courtyard of the Archers where a short show was put on by the guards and drummers.

Colorful decorations on the wall, the lawn and in the courtyard were up to celebrate the New Year. 

The gates and walls of this city are older than the more popular section of The Great Wall at Badaling in Beijing.

To walk the perimeter of the wall is almost 9 miles. 

We walked about 4 miles of the wall, taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful morning.

The South Gate.

A neighborhood inside the wall.

But the best way to see the wall is by bicycle. 

A view looking outside the wall.

The first time we rented a bicycle built for two....

On the second trip to the wall we enjoyed our walk from the east gate to the North Gate where we rented two bicycles and cycled around to the South Gate.

You can ride a boat on the moat outside the wall.

A Buddhist Temple and Monastery

All around the outside of the wall are parks, picnic areas, exercise areas and game areas.

The East Gate

I took the opportunity to have my picture taken with the guard.

Xi'an is definitely a must see city if you ever come to China. I will have one more post from Xi'an, just some odds and ends photos, and then on to other exciting adventures!

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Van-Go said...

What a great experience. The views along the wall are amazing. I bet you could just feel the history. Thanks for sharing.