Wednesday, February 24, 2016


February 22nd is a pretty special day in our family, thanks to these two guys! One of the best Sons-in-law ever and a very manly and awesome grandson! 

Jason is very helpful in the kitchen...

And Preston is good at impressing the women. ;-)

Happy 41st Birthday Jason!!!
Husband of Shiloh, manly man and father of the year to Emily, Jonas, Adrianna, Preston, Lydia, Adam, Maggie, Micah and Benny! Runner, cyclist, tri-athlete, scouter, dancer, kilt wearer, and oh so much more. We love you Jason!

And this handsome guy is 11yrs old! Happy Birthday to our Handsome, funny, fast, fabulous son, grandson, brother, cousin, Scout, runner, jokester and all around great Kid! Sure do love you Preston! 

We love you two and don't know what we would ever do without you. You always keep us smiling. Don't ever change. 

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