Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Valentines for my Valentines and Valentina

I did not have the computer connectivity to post this blog on Valentines Day - so here it is a couple days late. 
Valentines Day has always been a fun holiday for me. As a child my mother would give us a small heart shaped box of chocolates or a box of Conversation Hearts each February 14th. My Grandmother Eppert would send cute Valentines Day cards for my children.  It is a family tradition I am happy to carry on.  Sometimes I would make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast or color their lunch bags with hearts and arrows. And I tried to always have a small box of Chocolates for them every Valentines Day - February 14th.
These last two years I have been out of the country on Valentines Day and haven't been able to deliver any "Candy Love" or Valentines cards to my children and grandchildren. This Valentines Day we were in the "Chocolate Capital of Argentina", the town of Bariloche. They had literally dozens of Chocolate shops, factories, etc. Since I was not able to send Chocolates or Valentines Cards, I thought they would like to see what I would have given them if they were here with me.
For my youngest grandchildren... -
I loved the little chocolate animals. Circus animals, teddy bears, forest animals and snowmen.

For the older grandkids and teenagers there's the much sought after chocolate cell phone and a chocolate camera.

Or if they prefer, the Chocolate Monkey -

For my beautiful daughters and daughter-in-law, what could be better than some new chocolate shoes filled with delicious truffles - or, counters and counters of scrumptious chocolates.

For my handsome son and sons-in-law, more chocolate than they could eat in a year.. a chocolate train going up to a mountain village!

For my sweet husband Darryl, thank you for taking me to such a wonderful 'chocolaty' place for this Valentines Day.

And for all of you
And..... yesterday I had the privilege of sitting next to this young lady on our flight home from Puerto Montt. It was her first ever flight and she was so sweet. I think it was appropriate to include her in this post since her name is Valentina and she is such a sweetheart!

Happy Belated Valentines Day to you all!
I love you!