Friday, February 5, 2016

Happy Birthday to My Sweet Skye and to Darling Mary Alice!

It doesn't seem like 29 years ago that I brought home my 5th sweet little daughter from the hospital. What a joy she has been in our lives. 

Skye Lynn Cunningham Lowry 
is probably the smartest and most well read person I know. She remembers pretty much everything she reads, hears or sees. She is so knowledgeable that we refuse to play any type of music or history, geography, etc. trivia games with here unless it's 3 or 4 to 1. And then she usually beats us. 
She is married to Ryan... who is awesome and funny. She made it possible for our whole family to go to Hawaii - Since that's where she wanted to be married. We thank you for that Skye! 

And what a voice - this girl can sing and has won talent shows and been a featured performer in concerts and shows!
Skye's voice is so good she has been mistaken for Ariel or Mulan. ;-)

Skye loves to try new recipes and is a great cook, a skill she is teaching her daughters. 

She loves sports and games, and learning new things. 
And, she can do pretty much anything she sets her mind to. 

Happy, Happy Birthday my dear Skyebee! We are so blessed that God sent you to our family!
Love you!
So, on Skye's 23rd birthday she received a special announcement - this was her reaction...

The announcement was that she was going to be sharing her birthday with her new niece
Mary Alice Guffey!

What a doll little "Maggie" has been for our family.

This little sprite taught us all the "We can do Hard things"! 

Today she is 6 yrs. old and in kindergarten and making us smile every day! We love you sweet Maggie! Happy, Happy Birthday to you! 

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ryan lowry said...

Thank you mama! While I appreciate the birthday wishes and sentiments, I do feel that I am inadequate for such praise. I can easily think of two people in our family who are smarter and much better read than I. Miss you and love you!