Monday, March 28, 2016

Riding up to Cerro Otto and the Surprise at the Gallery.

Friday, February 13th, our final day in Bariloche, was sunny, cool and very, very windy. 

We walked around town in the morning and then rode the Teleferico or Cerro Otto tram up the mountain. This mountain was much taller than the one we first visited.

It was pretty windy, and the tram cars swayed just a little, but it was a beautiful ride.

As we looked down on lovely houses and the town, we were wondering why they have this little pyramid?

The views were spectacular! 

We spent about 40 minutes walking around outside the round building on top of the mountain taking in the beauty of the area and taking pictures.

It was fun to see how far it was to Sao Palo, Alaska and other places.

It was pretty chilly, so we decided to go inside to see the art gallery and get a bite to eat.

Imagine our surprise when we found that the art gallery had life size, exact replicas of Michael Angelo's David, Moses and Pieta sculptures. 

These were incredible so see up close and there were many photographs on the walls of the originals to study.

The Pieta was made in 1499 A.D.

David was sculpted in 1504

And he is huge!

I had only ever seen photos of this statue with David wearing the Fig Leaf. This sign tells of how the leaf was made to cover the private parts of David shortly after the statue was presented to Queen Victoria and housed in the South Kensington Museum. They did this to "..spare the blushes of visiting females..".

 Moses was sculpted in 1515 and the detail on this statue is incredible.

Darryl at the revolving restaurant taking a look "around".  
(pun intended) 

What a wonderful time we had on Cerro Otto!

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ryan lowry said...

Loved the pun :-) The statues are amazing! I love all of the pictures of your adventures! I too am curious about the mysterious pyramid.