Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Town of Bariloche

Our second day in Bariloche we toured the town in the morning, going into the beautiful Cathedral, shopping for souvenirs and just enjoying the beautiful, if rather cool and windy day.
Our first stop of the morning was The Cathedral San Carlos de Bariloche, built in 1964.

After our visit to the cathedral we visited many of the Chocolate shops in town.

We walked to the town square where the municipal buildings are and had fun looking around and watching the rest of the tourists.

We saw trees wearing ...uh.... doilies or sweaters.

Finally, we walked by the beach on our way to the Chocolate Museum. Unlike yesterday, there wasn't anyone swimming on this day.
When we finally got to the Chocolate museum, I took so many photos that I will make a separate post, so check back in a day or two. 

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ryan lowry said...

While the tree sweaters are neat to look at, do they actually serve a purpose?