Saturday, October 29, 2016

More on our Little Boy J~

If you have read my blog at all this year, you realize that I am running about 6 months behind in putting up posts and pictures. Our little J's~ accident and getting him well took precedence over everything else, as it should, and then all of my travels around the country and going back to work full time have made it hard to catch up. But I am determined to do so in the next few weeks. 
First of all, back in June when I put up the post of J's~ accident, which had happened in April, I was quite brief. I would like you to see a little more of the Miracle of our little J~.
A few days after Js~ accident we realized that his mother was having a very hard time and she was suffering from PTSD. Darryl and I felt that she needed something positive and uplifting to look at each day while she worked in her kitchen, the room where she spent most of her time. Darryl bought Hillary this beautiful painting and hung it over the dining table to give her a positive focal point. It is now one of my favorite paintings. It seemed to have helped.

This was the first time I was able to hold J~, 7 days after the accident and the day his collar came off. It was like holding a new born baby, he was so limp at first.

But within just minutes he was trying to reach for things and even pull himself up. 

I cannot say enough about what wonderful parents Hillary and Jake are, and in the middle of this trial and hardship I saw so much love and compassion for each other and their sons. What a wonderful example for all of us who were with them.

After spending all of our days and some nights at the hospital, there was one day I just needed to get out. I went for a walk in downtown Salt Lake City. The Beauty of Temple Square and the church complex gave me hope of a wonderful spring ahead.

9 days after the accident Detective Laycock, the first officer who arrived on the scene, came  up to visit little J~. This man will forever hold a special place in our hearts. When he first arrived it was his calm demeanor that calmed us, and his concern for little J~ was so apparent from the very beginning.
He is truly one of our heroes, and over the ensuing months has become one of Little J's~ and big brother G's best friends. They like to go to the police station and visit him quite regularly.

April 21st - one of Js~ first smiles.

Since waking up from his coma therapy has been a constant in Js~ life. While still in the hospital he had Physical Therapy, Occupational (Play) Therapy, and Rehab Therapy, among others.

His Mama has always been the constant presence by his side.


And always with a smile and hugs for her little man.

Big Brother G was so lost at first, not knowing what happened to his brother, but the joy in his heart when he got to see J~ again showed on his face and the attention he gave to his little brother.

Each day brought more miracles and more improvements and to this day they keep happening!

From his first bite of food...

to coming home only 12 days after such a horrific accident....

playing with the neighbor girl who went to look for him and saved his life...

to bringing so much joy throughout the coming months as we watched him slowly remember and then do activities and skills he had forgotten.....

recovering has truly been a family affair for all of us.

This is 1 month after the accident.

By June J~ was having 3 in home therapy sessions a day and 3 outpatient sessions in Play, Rehab and food/swallowing therapy each week.

And he showed us he was all boy ...

and that he loved dirt and all normal little boy things.

He also flew on his first airplane and came to the EPIC Cunningham Family Reunion where he really loved playing with Mom and Dad in the pool. 

Some days would get a little rough, J~ suffers from Sensory Defensive Deficiencies and sometimes has fits that can last for hours, but they are improving with therapy and treatments.

June 30, 2016

But those things are so minor when you look at the big picture. I thank my God daily for the miracle that is little boy J~.  Once, not so long ago we were faced with this...

..and now, every day, we get to see this. 
God is Good - ALWAYS!
October 8, 2016.

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