Saturday, October 29, 2016

Saying Goodbye to Santiago ~

As the end of March drew closer and the Dome project was finishing up, Darryl and I were a little sad to pack up and leave our dear friends and church Family in Recoleta. What wonderful people they are and they always made us feel welcome whenever we were with them. 

The Canon Family practically adopted us and we enjoyed their hospitality many, many times. Sunday dinners, birthdays, holidays. Sister Blanca, her daughter Olga and granddaughters Javiera and Katelina were a joy to have in our lives. The girls would give us hugs everytime we saw them. They have become my Chilean granddaughters.  ;-) 
A couple days before we left we had them over for dinner and I taught Hermana Blanca how to make Chicken Enchiladas. They loved it! Lalo was staying with us and had a great time translating for me while Darryl took the girls on a hike. 
I sure do love this man! 

We spent our last couple of Saturdays doing a lot of souvenir shopping. I fell in love with this necklace made of Butterfly Wings. We didn't buy it as the $200 price tag scared me off. :-D. But we did by so many other souvenirs to take home to our family and friends!

We often saw this sight on the road near the community of Recoleta. Those are our apartments in the background.

On the Saturday before we left a few of our friends had a farewell party for us. We have grown to love these wonderful Brothers and Sisters in the gospel so much!

They fed us delicious food and then put on a Chilean Farewell program for us!

Matthew Bravo (Our Bishop's son) did a traditional Chilean Dance in Salute to The Chilean Flag. I took video but can't get it to upload. It was beautiful and very moving!

Then the group sang a song for us about Chile!

Our young friend Nicolas!

Surrounded by the love of my sisters!

Before we left Chile, our dear friends, David, Pilar and Nicolas Pizarro had us over. What wonderful people and what a blessing to call them our friends!

David and Nicolas prepared the food and it was delicious!

On the last Monday before we left for the USA, the Pizzaro, Bravo and Zentero Families asked us to give a lesson for a combined Family Home Evening with the Missionaries and one of our new members. Darryl and I felt very impressed to talk to them about the importance of prayer and the power praying vocally in our families and as couples. 

It was a very good FHE with a great spirit in the home.

David Pizarro, Nicolas and President Zentero's sons, Alonso, Fabian and Matteo.

When I would have to go into the Los Condes area of Santiago, I loved to go to the Costanera Center and eat at the Crepe Cafe'. One of my favorites.


Just because he's so handsome and I love him so much! Thanks for such a wonderful life Honey!
And with that I finish off the final posts from Chile. 

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