Sunday, October 30, 2016

Big Brother G~

April 12, 2016
When little J~ had his accident his big brother G~ was very confused as to what was going on. Three yr. old G~ didn't see the accident as he had come inside to go potty, but he did hear his mother's screams and see us working on his unresponsive brother on the deck, and he saw the police, firetrucks and EMT's arrive. Also on the deck watching the whole thing unfold was "Corky", the little 3 yr. old neighbor girl who went looking for the boys and watched Hillary find J~. 
"Corky's" mom came over and took her daughter and G~ back to her house. Evidently when G~ asked "Corky" what happened she told him very matter of factly that J~ died. Big Brother G~ did not know how to process this.
Trying to keep Gs~ routine as normal as possible, Jake went home in the evening to have dinner with G~ and put him to bed, then grandpa and I would spend the night with him, get him up in the morning and take him to his Aunt or a neighbor to take care of him while we were at the hospital.
Two days after the accident when J~ was stabilized but still in a coma in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, they asked us to bring G~ to the hospital for some roll play therapy to help him understand what was happening to his little brother. They gave him a bag with his very own medical gear and a 'patient' to work on.

We all felt that G~ could use some special time away from home and the neighborhood, so Grandpa and I took him to the aquarium.

It was a pleasant distraction that we all needed and a couple of days later we took him to the matinee showing of 'The Jungle Book'. He liked the big monkey.

Everyday G~ would come to the hospital to see Mommy and Daddy, get something to eat at the cafeteria, sometimes have play therapy offered by the hospital, and then his Aunt Andrea, Grandma Marion and Grandpa Rod or a friend would take him for the day. At dinner time either Hillary or Jake would take him home for dinner and bedtime and Darryl and I would stay for the night.

Finally, on April 20th, Big Brother G~ got to see and hug J~. He was unsure of the tubes and equipment at first, but so happy to hold his little brother and favorite playmate!
Everyday G~ would come to the hospital to play with and help care for little J~. He is his protector and it's a job he takes seriously. 

On April 24th G~ went to the hospital and helped bring J~ and all of his stuff home. The first thing he wanted to do was sit in their favorite chair and watch cartoons like they used to do every morning.
All I can say is that Little J~ is one lucky boy to have a Big Brother like G~ there to take care of him.

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