Friday, May 19, 2017

Flip That House

Darryl and I did something very daring at the end of February. We bought a little house at auction and are having Jesse and Kelly flip it for us. Jesse looked for months to find just the right house, and I want to say that my daughter is a genius! I was so proud of her and the way she handled the auction and bidding! The little house is in Blackfoot, Idaho.

On this kind of auction, you don't get to see the house before you buy it. We had peeked in the windows once, but we weren't really sure how good of shape the little house was in.  All of these photos were taken the day we bought the house, our first time to see what we had purchased.
It is 3 bedroom, 1 bath -

With a pretty nice garage.

Years ago they extended the living room and added the garage to what used to be a carport. You can see where a kitchen window used to be.

In my opinion the kitchen definitely needs some rearranging and updating.

It is a split level house, these stairs lead to the bathroom and bedrooms.

Yep, we'll definitely need to update the bathroom too. 

I was grateful that the stairs to the basement were bright and open, not spooky as some can be.

Don't see the need to do much work here. 

Hmmm.... I guess I spoke too soon. 

The Laundry room will definitely need some work.

But, the rest of the downstairs looks pretty good.

You guessed it, The back door.

This is the small bedroom, I can see the need for new paint and carpet.

With all the snow on the ground we couldn't see the yard very well....

It looks like the trees are trying to take over.

The house sits on a big corner lot, so it will have a lot of yard.

Since the 1st of March Jesse and Kelly have been working hard on our little flip project and we are in the final days of getting it finished. I'll soon be able to show you the 'after' photos! 

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