Monday, May 15, 2017

The Perils of Falling Behind

My mom told us to never use the word 'hate'. It is such a, negative word and does nothing to engender feelings of hope, but today I am going to use that word to describe what I am feeling. 

Yes, there is it, I said it, and I must say I do feel very strongly about this. It used to be a simple dislike when I was a young mother and the things I seemed to fall behind the most in were laundry and dishes. In a matter of a few days you would run out of clean dishes to use or clean clothes to wear and you came to a point where you knew it couldn't get worse, or that you couldn't fall further behind, so you bit the bullet and spent the day doing dishes and cleaning the kitchen, then pulled an all-nighter getting the 20+ loads of Laundry washed, dried, folded and put away. The things I 'Hate' to fall behind on now are different. They seem to be more important things that have no end and keep piling on more and more. 
For instance:
1. Birthdays, Graduations, weddings and other Greetings: Am I the only person that buys cards and even gift cards with every intention of mailing them off, then fall behind and never get it done? The other day while cleaning out a computer bag I found a graduation card for my nephew that I remembered purchasing for his High School Graduation. I'm a little late - He graduated from college 2 yrs. ago. ;-/ I have done the same thing with weddings, even finding a wedding gift card in my desk and three wedding invitations and not remembering who didn't get their gift card. *sigh*

2. Scripture Study: In January of 2016 I set a goal to read the entire Old Testament in Chronological Order in one year along with keeping up with my regular Sunday School and personal study. In April of 2016 I got off track. I  kept my personal study up, but floundered trying to catch up with my Old Testament and Sunday School. Finally, sometime in June I gave up on the Old Testament. There is a silver lining to this one - My 1 year mark of quitting is coming up in a couple of weeks, so I decided to start where I left off and finish it for 2017. Wish me luck. 

3. Fitness: I love to feel good and healthy. I even love walking, jogging and doing some work outs, but when I get behind and skip a few exercises, .... Okay, a week or so of exercises, it is so easy just to give in and eat away my disgust in myself with that half a pan of bread pudding or have that second cup of decadent homemade hot cocoa and not exercise for several weeks/months. When I finally do get on the scale I am up 10, 15, okay.... 27 pounds! UGH! Then I realize the work that is ahead of me to get in shape and realize I HATE this part and trying to lose the weight and start the whole exercise, eat right, fitness routine over again, a little slower, a little older, but I fear not a whole lot wiser. 

4. My Blog: Here it is, May 15th and I am just beginning to put up posts from February and March. It was ever so much simpler when I would post once a week and keep everything up to date, but now I have over 100 photos to go through and try to decide what is most important to share so I can get caught up. 

Someday I am sure I will learn my lesson and be more timely in all that I do. Until then, I hope you enjoy your late greetings and I will work to enjoy my study, fitness and blogging as best I can. Take care all and take a lesson from this old gal. It pays in all kinds of personal ways to be timely in all you do. 

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