Tuesday, May 16, 2017

My February Fun

On January 28th Hillary and her boys met the Redhead Express at the Living Planet Aquarium in Draper, Utah, where we all enjoyed this wonderful living museum of the seas, rivers and lakes of Utah and the world, and where I was dropped off to spend the next several weeks helping Hillary and Jake and the boys.

I had not seen J.J. in several months, but he was happy to see Grandma and Grandpa (.. and this frog). 
Cody, Alisa and Rachel had a grand ole' time with the plastic Orca!


J.J. was rather fond of the baby Orca.

J.J., Rachel, Hyram and G~ having a great time!

The next 21 days Darryl spent in Sandpoint, Idaho with Cody and the Walker family where he remodeled a small bus into a mini- motor home. My days were a flurry of helping Hillary, Z-man, G~, and J.J. with therapy, pre-school, Dentist and Dr. appointments and so much more.

Z-man was my morning buddy!

Hillary was very sick for part of this time... poor Mama. 

But she got lots of loving to make her feel better.

Look, She feels better already!

We took the boys shopping one Saturday. They love to eat the samples..

And for a treat Daddy buys them a corn dog and french fries!

The last week of February found me up in Idaho staying with Cali and Jesse and playing with the Grandkids. To celebrate her 100th day of school, Parker had to dress up like she was 100 yrs. old. 

We put powder in her hair to make it look gray, gave her a cane, purse, shawl and glasses. I think she had fun! 

I also went to the Cub Scout Blue and God banquet with Gideon, Cali and Parker. It love Cub Scouts!

It was February in Idaho, so of course it snowed. Tyree was showing me how high the snow drifts used to be. Looks plenty high to me right now!

I felt bad that Jesse had to get the snow blower out to clear the drive before she could leave. To her it's no big deal, just something she does. It was very, very cold when I was there.

I sure do miss these kids when I am not with them, but I must confess that after a month of cold weather and snow I was more than happy to be going to Plant City, Florida to be with Darryl and enjoy the Strawberry Festival with Cody, Alisa, Rachel and the Walker Family.

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