Thursday, May 1, 2008

A Quiet Sunday

Sunday's are a little different here. We hold Church Services in our own home. Darryl, Cody, myself and Joe Clarkson. Each taking turns giving talks, teaching lessons, praying, leading the hymns, etc. Sometimes Sacrament meetings are pretty short, but the discussions we get into during our "class time" make up for it.

On Saturday night we bought some meat, Dad and Luis bought beef. Joe bought...hmm... we think it was either goat or camel, we're not sure. Anyway, Sunday evening the Mexicans fired up the grill and we all enjoyed Carne Asada with home made Salsa and flan. (I bought the flan, I don't have the utensils or pans to make one.) Can I just make my daughters and sons a little jealous here by telling them the food was delicious!? Luis was cooking and you know how good that is!

It was very hot Sunday and so the garden was a nice place to escape the heat.

I complained because Cody never shows his teeth when he smiles and he has such good teeth. (After all of his accidents and 4 of his older sisters needing braces, I am just glad he still has teeth and they are straight!) What did I get for complaining? He is smiling, but look at his eyes. Are they full of mischief or it's that a, "I really hate this" look!

Sunset up at the ruins.

This little boy's name is Yassir. He was up at the ruins and was a little fussy and tired. Darryl had a couple of pieces of candy, and I asked his mother if I could give him some. She said yes, and I made a new friend. After a few minutes Yassir (who is 2) came over to me and raised up on his toes with his arms stretched up and gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

I Love Children!

Yassir and his mother, Samir, and his dad.


Kelly and Jesse said...

I miss the Mexican's cooking

David & Jessica said...

I love the sunset picture!

Cali & Travis said...

Jealous as per usual.

Juen said...

What a wonderful time you are having. They have divided our Ward so we are now in a New Stake and will have the first Stake Meeting tomorrow. Will be interesting.

Leisha said...

What a doll...I'm glad candy is the universal child language!

I'm impressed you could buy a flan!