Friday, August 8, 2008

Michael and Cody.
Just be patient Cody... It will be your turn soon enough! It's Official!!!
He is a full time Missionary!!!

Elder Michael Paul Egloff,

MTC Mailbox #159

MI-DET 0825

2005 N. 900E.

Provo, UT 84604-1793

Look who we found!!

Elder L. Jake Mickelsen who returned the day before from Uruguay!

Don, Elder Ross Mickelsen, Elder Jake Mickelsen, Cathy and Crystal.
The Brothers/Elders Mickelsen were able to spend a few days together in Uruguay before Ross entered the MTC.

See you in two years Bro!


Hillary and Jake said...

That is o great. Jake hasn't chabged a bit. and i'm glad cody didn't have any hand cuffs or zip ties on him. he looks like he would chain himself to the fence if it meant staying at the MTC

Tiffany said...

Love the new look!...I have not visited in a while and I was glad to catch up. Looks like you have had an amazing summer!