Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Hillary and Jake's Idaho Open House

I would try to label these photos individually, but when I do it usually comes out distorted or on the wrong picture. Since there are so many pictures on this blog, I will tell you what they are and then you can just browse the photos.

Saturday the 23rd was a beautiful day, and by 3:30 in the afternoon we knew it would be a perfect evening for the open house. We held the event in Travis and Cali's back yard, and our dear friend Doreen, who volunteered at a wrestling meet back in February to do the flowers for Hillary's open house, was there busily working away on the decorations. Never in my imagination could I have dreamed that she would make it look so beautiful. Thanks Doreen, we love you! I made posters to display of the wedding and reception in Nauvoo, and we also displayed the quilt that Hillary made for Jake. Hillary pieced and quilted it by herself, and Ruth Downey bound it for her.

Travis, Jesse and Kelly served refreshments and Cali served as the photographer. Many friends and some of Jake's family came to meet the Happy couple. . Marvin came by in the Limo he drives to say hello before he left for work. Cali, Cody and the newlyweds all went out to get a closer look. Yes, Jake Mickelsen does have a cast on his arm. We know....he has only been home from his mission for 2 weeks and he is already in a cast? Yes, He was bucked off of a horse while riding over Hurricane Pass in the Tetons. He broke his right wrist, sprained his left wrist and has stitches in his left knee.

It was such a beautiful warm evening for the reception. There was no wind to blow out the candles. Only Cody, who blew one out when it started burning the flower arrangement. I asked him why he didn't just move the flowers? Hmmm.... he re-lit the candle and moved the flowers a tiny bit and all was well again.

Little Kaylene had a fun time playing with her Grandma Marian (Jake's Mom) and her Uncle Jake during the evening. After the open house we watched Hillary and Jake open their gifts before going home.
On Sunday we used the left over cake and had a little birthday celebration for Hillary. I didn't have 20 candles, but I did have a #2 candle. Cody glued match sticks together to make a 0 and when he lit the makeshift "candle" it went up in flames like a small forest fire. It was pretty funny. What a great end to a very pleasant weekend.

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