Thursday, August 14, 2008

Life's a Rodeo!

The first two Saturdays in August were WILD!! We went to the Rodeos put on by Crystal Brothers Rodeo Company (Kelly's Family)
Jesse sings the National Anthem at the Rodeos, and she asked Cali and I to sing with her on this Saturday in Island Park, Idaho. Gideon Really enjoyed his first Rodeo. Jesse had as much fun showing him off as Cali did.
Kelly was busy working behind the scenes loading the broncs and bulls into the chutes.
Yes, he uses the rope with great accuracy when he needs to.
This is Randy Crystal, Kelly's dad. A rancher friend told me that Randy is probably the best 'pick-up' man in the business.
When the ride is done, Randy's job is to get the cowboy off the horse and safely on the ground.
That is if the cowboy is still on the horse when the buzzer goes off.

This Rodeo is called the Crystal Brother's Island Park Wild Horse Stampede. So named for the Wild horse stampede at the end of the 3 day event where the cowboys try to rope, saddle and ride a bronc to the finish line.
After the Rodeo was over Cody and I gave Kelly a ride home. He took us to his Great Grandfather's cabin on the Buffalo River.
Where we enjoyed watching the wildlife.....
and looking at the beautiful scenery.
Cody helped the Crystals the following week at the American Falls Rodeo. I will try to get to those pictures soon. Until then....

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Elaina said...

Looks like a lot of fun! One thing I miss about Idaho is the rodeos. I've never seen a bronco rodeo before. Probably the same thing except for it's a horse not a bull. Only rodeo we get up here really is the PBR (Professional Bull Riding) once a year. I like the cabin and the Buffalo River very pretty area up there. I know I've put a few comments on your page and you probably would like to look at mine except I moved my blog to blogspot like everyone else has there's. If you would like to look at my page and see my little family email me at Later!