Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Last First Day of School

I was fixing breakfast Wednesday morning when a thought hit me and I felt like crying. Today is my last "First Day of School" as a mother. I know, it sounds silly, but when I think back, every August for the last 25 years I have felt the excitement in the air as I purchased school supplies, new shoes and clothes and sent my children off to school. With Cody being a Senior this year it has been my last year to do all of these seemingly mundane things and I will miss it. With that thought in mind, and for all of you young mothers out there, I want you to know I only have a few of things I would have done differently.

#1. I would have really listened to my little Jesse when she was in 4th grade and given her the benefit of the doubt rather than her teacher, and I would have pulled her out of school and home schooled her.

#2. I would have understood sooner that I have the final say over my children's' education and I would not have been so afraid of the system. I will give the administration of any school my respect but I demand and deserve respect in return. Just because I 'chose' to be a stay-at-home mom does not mean I am uneducated, illiterate or lazy. It took me until Cali was in the 5th grade to fully understand this. Some people never understand it and go through years of feeling dictated to and even bullied by the public education systems.

#3. I would have followed my instincts and had Cody tested sooner for a reading disability

#4. I would have enjoyed it all more and complained a little less because I didn't realize how fast the time flies.

And now, l make a promise to Cody. I will try very hard not to be too weepy as you participate in sports and other activities, (Graduation not included in this) and I will not bug you too much with the camera during your senior year (wrestling season is an exception to this) and I will smile at all the right moments during "my last year of school". .. Well, Maybe.

(Poor Cody)


The Kynochs said...

Here's a hug from me! I am dreading the day when I send my first baby off to school, I can't imagine being in your shoes. Best of luck to Cody this year (and Mom too!)

Elaina said...

Even though I'm long distance here's a hug from me as well!! We are planning on home schooling our kids because we don't like the public schools much. Put them in programs if I can find any up here like 4H so they can have some interaction with kids and not be stuck home all the time.

Cathy Shields said...

Aint it the truth. Chase is a junior this year and I know it is just around the corner. I cried when he turned 14 because after two other boys, I knew it would never be the same!