Sunday, October 5, 2008

Our Little Ones

Most of you know Darryl and I have 8 grandchildren. 7 of them live on the east coast, so we do not often get to see them. Last month, we did get to spend some special time with our three youngest grandchildren.
I cannot figure out how to make this picture larger, I am sure it is some kind of computer skill I don't posess. Jake, feel free to log on and fix it. This picture was taken on Gideon's Blessing day, September 21, 2008. Darryl is holding Gideon and Adam. I have sweet Lily.
Here is my Adam. He will be 1 year old in December. He is so happy and fun and he gives the best hugs and kisses! He likes to implement the "army crawl" to get around, and he is fast! He is the youngest of six and would sometimes get sad while he was here, but a quick chat on the phone to his older siblings soon put a smile on his face!
Gideon was the "Man of the hour" as all the commotion and visitors were here for him. He is ours through the miracle and blessing that is adoption! And we celebrated that fact alot the 3rd week in September when his adoption was final and he was abled to be sealed to his parents. He enjoyed his first brownie... a gift from Grandpa Darryl. We are lucky to have Gideon close by so we can spend time spoiling him for his mom and dad.
Little Lilly is the sweetest little chubby girl, and she lives the farthest away. She is out 4th gradaughter. Having her around was a joy! Every once in a while she gives you one of "those" looks. You know the kind that seems to say... "Do you really think making those goofy faces and voices will make me smile"? And then she will take pity on you and smile real big!


Elaina said...

All your grandbabies are so adorable!! Awesome Gideon is part of the family now!!

Amber Dawn said...

Hey, Coach!
What a fun time with the babies! Thanks for the soccer note. I did play much better in our second game, and we won!