Monday, October 27, 2008

Running and a Commercial

Well, Thursday Cody and the Madison Cross Country team went to districts in Twin Falls. Cody finished with a personal best time of 18:36 for that course. His team missed going to state by one point. They were all pretty bummed. Well, everyone except Cody..... All he could think about was YAY!!!!!!! Now I can concentrate on wrestling! He was so happy and excited! He said he felt a little bad, but the excitement of full out wrestling practices soon took care of that. He is helping to run the open gym for the team and on Tue., Wed, and Thurs. he coaches Pee-Wee wrestling ages 3 -5 yrs. Cody says it's awesome!
Also.... Skye sent in a commercial for the McCain/Palin "I'm Joe the Plumber" campaign. Check it out!

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