Thursday, October 2, 2008

Our Colorado Weekend

Last Thursday night Darryl, Cody and I left for Pueblo Colorado to visit friends and pick up some roasted chilis and various other fabulous foods that we can't get in Idaho. For months I had been trying to figure out a plausible reason to go back to Colorado, but a trip to pick up a few cases of chilis and beans didn't seem like a good idea. And then... Lo and behold, Cody got a phone call.

This beautiful young lady, Hillary C., informed Cody that she had been nominated for Homecoming Queen at her high school.
After a few phone calls from our friends, the Nuitts, Cody was asked if he would escort Hillary to Homecoming. (It didn't take much convincing)
YES!!!!! There is a Roasted Chili God!!!! Here was a plausible reason to go to Colorado! The Nuitt's even furnished furnished Cody with free room and board and a car for the weekend!!!!

We took Cody down for homecoming, visited friends, (thanks for the fun visit Kelly and Bev!) Shopped at the ARC store (Darryl's favorite thrift store in the whole world) enjoyed the beautiful weather and got a supply of our favorite roasted Chilis, Salsa and refried beans!!!!!!

We had a couple of "extras" thrown in for good measure. Like watching the hot air balloons land on Sunday morning before church. This balloon landed next to the house where Cody was staying for the weekend.

We had a wonderful breakfast with Cody's wrestling coach, Coach Sis, and his wife, and Darryl and I spent some much needed time together.

Hillary did was not crowned homecoming queen, but it didn't seem to matter, the weekend was wonderful! We left Sunday after church and stopped in Orem, UT on the way home to drop off a few peppers for our Hillary and Jake. She had homemade bread and peach pie waiting for us. Yum!!

Thanks Hillary for thinking of Cody and making all of this possible!


Jessica said...

Wow, Cody is quite the stud muffin. That's so sweet of him to go clear to CO for a date. Sounds like you all had a good time. (Why can't you buy those groceries in ID? I'm just saying- there are so many spanish people here, you'd think they'd have the "good stuff".

Elaina said...

Looks like a lot of fun!! I agree with Jessica Cody is a stud muffin. They look cute together. She's a beautiful young women! Glad there was a good reason to go to CO and you all had a lot of fun and good food! YUM!

~* Laura Ann *~ said...

Oh that is so much fun!!! Cody is quite the sweetheart to go clear down there to escort Hilary! Looks like it was fun! (Oh, and tell him congrats on being the new MHS Mascott!!! That is so cool!!!)

As for my man, Cole, he is a really neat guy. He is a graduate of Clark County High School in Dubois, in fact, he was the valedictorian of his class of 8!!! Ha ha! Another fun fact, he is not a member. So that is so much fun for me! He came to church with me when he came to see me! It was so much fun! He is a great guy!!!

Looks like this has been a really fun for you, and Cody has had a great start to his senior year, thats great! It's so fun to see what you guys are up to!