Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Day of School ..... Again.

Yesterday was an exciting day here in Idaho. Skye started her first day of College at Brigham Young University - Idaho as a transfer student! She is a Political Science Major and is taking mostly "Foundation" courses (what we used to refer to as general classes). She thoroughly enjoyed her first day back at college. Cody had a wrestling meet also (well 2 actually), so he dressed nice to be an example to his team mates.

His first match was against Manny Geyer of Hillcrest. Cody won by Major Decision 16-2.

His second match was against Bonneville. He pinned his opponent in the 2nd round.

Cali, Darryl, Gideon and I watched all the fun. Jesse was there for a few minutes to watch his first match. Madison beat Hillcrest 37-33 even though we had 4 forfiets. Bonneville pretty much mopped the mat with us. We only won 2 matches against them. Cody and Carlos (112 lbs.)
The other exciting news is how warm it got here yesterday. Warm wind blowing all day and lots of snow melt.


Elaina said...

Very cool Skye is at Ricks I mean BYU-Idaho it will always be Ricks to me lol! Congrats on Cody's wrestling matches! I bet he has all the girls sworming around him.

Bryan and Sherry said...

Hi Cindy, Nice to hear from you! Looks like you are all doing great! We will have to make it out there one of these days! Things have been a little crazy! I will call in a couple of weeks! I just updated our blog today, so we have portraits of the kiddos on there and Bryan and I> Love ya, Sherry

JESUS said...

Hello again Mr and Mrs Cunningham,i´m still trying to figure out how this works,i wrote a comment from 24 dec 2008,probably you didnt read it,I had your e-mail,but i lost it long time ago,i have this one with g-mail,wich i usually use for work,and my other is: I dont know if you have news from Manzanillo, it is growing very fast,now we have nice Cinemas,Burger King,Starbucks,etc. but it is still a very nice place to live.
Best wishes to all of you