Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Tiger-Grizz Tournament

What a weekend!!!! 32 teams from 5 different States. (Although the Bozeman team didn't show.)
Cody did an AWESOME job!! He went into this tournament seeded 6th. Which is great considering he has never placed at the State Tournament.
His first match was against Meridian H.S. He pinned him in 5:15. His second match was a pretty easy one. He got a Tech Fall on the Rigby wrestler in 4:18.
He pulled some great Switches for reversal points.

You gotta be fast!

Nope, your not getting away from me!!


His Third match (Saturday morning) did not go as well.

This was one tough kid!!! Cody could not get away from this one.

His name is Nick Wooden from Spring Creek Nevada (near Elko). He beat Cody by Tech Fall.
We were talking to his dad Saturday afternoon. He told us he had been watching Cody all day. He said " Tell him not to get too down on himself. He is a good wrestler and he will do well. My son finished 2nd in Nationals last year and is a 2 time Nevada State Champion." He has been wrestling since he was very young. After learning that Cody didn't feel so bad.
And yes.....Nick won the tournament.

Cody's fourth match was against Billy Potter of Pocatello.
(Last week Billy was the #1 seed in the Madison Tournament where he finished 4th)

Cody pinned Billy in the second round.
His next opponant was a real tough kid from Skyview, Utah.

Cody Beat him by decision 5-2.
By winning this match Cody earned a place on the medal stand. His next two
matches would determine his placing between 3rd and 6th.
His sixth match of the tournament was against Wasatch, Utah.
Cody won by decision 7-2. Now he would wrestling for 3rd place.
His last match of the day was supposed to be against the #1 kid in the state in the 5A division, Jordon Cox of Idaho Falls. Cody was so pumped to take on Jordon,
but it was not to be. Jordon injury defaulted to Cody.

Cody took Third place at the second largest tournament in the state of Idaho! He doesn't get a win over Cox (who took 4th) , but we will wrestle him soon.
Darryl, Cali, Jesse, Skye, Ryan, Hillary, Jake and I were all there. I missed one of his matches. It is not as easy to watch as it used to be, but I still love it!! You can still watch all the action on
Great Job Cody!!! We are so proud of you!


Jennifer said...

That was such a fun entry to read! Congratulations Cody! Love, Jennifer South
We got our blog up it is

leschornmom said...

Ok so I get from you'r post that he did a good job! Grats Cody!
-But I have to admit that I need to brush up on my wrestling lingo! I have no idea what a "seed" is or "decision 7-2" either.
Any way, Good for Cody!

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

They take the best 8 competitors out of the weight class and place them strategically on the 32 man bracket, then "draw" in the others. That way the top wrestlers won't meet each other until later in the tournament. You can win a match either by points or by fall (pin). When the point spread is under 7 it is a decision and earns your team 3 points. 7 to 14 points is a Major Decision and earns the team 4 points, 15 points is a Technical Fall and get the team 5 points, if you pin your guy it is 6 team points. And yes he did very well!

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Oops, I forgot to mention that filling the brackets is the seeding.