Monday, January 12, 2009

Rollie Lane Tournament

Friday and Saturday were exciting. Darryl, Cali, Hillary, Jake and I went to Nampa to watch Cody Wrestle in the Rollie Lane Tournament. He did a fantastic job. Friday he had to wrestle 3 opponents to get out of his "pod". He beat all three and then around midnight wrestled a pig-tail match to qualify for the 16 man bracket. There were 11 pods each with 4 wrestlers. Cody won his pod. He got a Tech Fall on the first guy and pinned the next two.

The pig-tail match was a interesting. The kid from Bishop Kelly liked to bite and scratch and dig in his nails. He drew blood when he bit Cody on the hand. Wrong thing to do. Cody had all that he could take and quickly pinned the guy.

The first opponent on Saturday was from Payette. It was a tough match and he beat Cody. Cody immediately went to work with his coach on how to defend against this kids move. If they ever meet again I think it will be a different story. It was a tough loss for us. It put Cody out of the tournament.

We did the only thing we could think of to console ourselves. We went to the mexican restaurant and had good food and flan.


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