Monday, February 23, 2009

Wrestling at Districts!

Friday was the District/Regional Tournament at Idaho Falls High School. It Started at noon and it was after 9:00 in the evening before we left. Cody's first opponant was from Highland High School. Cody was pretty dominate on the mat with him. He pinned him in the second period.

His second match was against Todd Anderson of Twin Falls. He beat Todd on February 4th.

It was a close match and very tough. Todd was ready for Cody this time.

Toward the end of the third period Cody got caught in a headlock and thrown. (Darn those Greco Wrestlers) Todd won the match by 4 points. Now Cody would wrestle for third place.

Cody took out his frustration on the Skyline varsity wrestler Brandon Ward.

He totally dominated the entire match....

He had a couple of good tilts ....

and was going for a pin when time ran out.
This win was a major decision for his team and earned him a trip to the State Tournament!

For some reason I do not have any pictures of Cody's last match which was a HEART ATTACK match! Cody wrestled Highland's James Esplin for third place. Cody beat Esplin on January 21st so Esplin was really gunning for Cody. Cody was having a little trouble breathing early in the match and had to use his inhaler. The match that went back and forth for the lead. Cody was down by two and tied it up with seconds to go. They went into overtime. The first one to score wins. By this time Cody's lips were dark blue from his lack of air. But he didn't take time to use his inhaler, he just gutted it out and got the first take down. He looked terrible when they raised his hand for the win. He shook hands with the Highland Coaches and then walked over to his coach and promptly collapsed on the floor. He was alright after about 4 or 5 minutes, but it sure scared me.

On a lighter note....... The girls and I were asked to sing the National Anthem before the finals.
This picture is of us just before we sang. It sounded beautiful if I do say so myself.
(And everyone else told me it was great, so I guess I can brag, Right?)
Not sure what the sour face is for. Maybe Skye didn't like the smell of stinky, sweaty high school wrestlers. :-)
Coach Clayson was pretty happy at the end of the tournament. Madison had 9 wrestlers qualify for State.

The 140 pound weight class.


We will see you next weekend at...
You can watch Cody's district matches by going to
District 4,5 & 6 February 20th.


Jacob and Cami said...

I am so excited. I'll see you the day after tomorrow.

Jessica said...

How exciting! I'm sure that Cody appreciates all of your family's great support. And I'll bet you girls sounded amazing!