Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Last Week of January

Last Sunday Cody's cough got worse and he started running a fever, his chest was burning and he couldn't sleep. Monday he was so tired that I let him sleep in while I tried to take Skye to school. The snow was so deep we were stuck for a while till a neighbor pulled us out and towed us to the bottom of the road. He took Skye to school and I got a ride back up the hill. We couldn't go anywhere until the plow came, so Cody got to stay home from School. Good Thing! He started passing out and having trouble breathing. Tuesday it was -34 degrees at six in the morning so school was canceled. I took Cody to the Dr. & he was diagnosed with bronchitis and put on 2 different medications. On Thursday Jesse cut my hair! I love it!!!
Now I don't look like the "Frumpy" wrestling Mom!!

Cody finally went back to school on Friday, but only because he wanted to go to the wrestling tournament at Minico High School Friday Afternoon.

Friday afternoon Darryl, Cali and I drove to Burly, Idaho to watch Cody wrestle. He looked terrible, and I knew he wasn't feeling well, but he wrestled anyway. His first match was good and he won, but he was having a terrible time trying to breathe after that. He was also so physically tired I wondered how he could wrestle again.

His second match was so hard for him. He just had no energy and couldn't breathe. He lost it. I was glad it was his last match of the day.

Saturday morning he still looked exhausted and I wondered how he would wrestle. He went out and wrestled a good match. He was still moving a little slow but he was able to pin his opponant in the 2nd round.
He was so exhausted after that match that his coach came up to him and suggested that he medical default his next match. It was a hard decision for him but he decided to default.

So we stayed a little while and watched the wrestling then went out for Hamburgers and Milk shakes before heading home. We are now concentrating on getting him better for his next match.

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Jennifer said...

I'm so sorry Cody has been so sick. That is unbelievably cold weather--I hope it warms up soon for you. The pictures on your blog are great. Thank you for your comments on our blog!