Monday, February 16, 2009

Wrestling Jackets, Senior Night and Valentine Fun!

Wednesday was Senior Night at Wrestling. Travis, Cali and Gideon came by to take me to the meet.We wore our new wrestling jackets made for us by Ryan's mom, Donna Lowry. All the wrestling mom's loved mine!
The seniors and their parents were recognized. Cali, Jesse, Skye and I sang the National Anthem before the varsity match.

The Cody "Crouching Crane" fan club was there!
(Yea, the little short red guy with the big muscles is supposed to be Cody)

And then we wrestled Skyline.
The young wrestler looks a little distresses.

Cody getting a reversal.

And "Threading the needle" to turn the guy for a pin.

It was a good match.

On Thursday our match against Idaho Falls was a lot tougher. I don't have many pictures because they use a big spotlight that only covers about a 15 ft. diameter area so it was really dark.

Jordon Cox of IF has been ranked #1 all season in 5A wrestling. Last week Cody was ranked #2. This was the first time they have ever met in a match. Cody lost 12-8 in the last few seconds. We will see Jordon again at districts!

Friday was our last regular season dual against South Freemont. Here are the Captains & Coach leaving the mat.
Funny Story..... When the coaches have their pre-meet meeting and set the roster the S. Freemont coach says : "....Okay, who are you going to put at 140 lbs."
Coach Clayson: "Darryl Cunningham"
S. Freemont: "Ah, c'mon coach, don't you have anyone else our boy could wrestle?"
Coach Clayson: "Nope, he's our only 140 tonight".
S. Freemont: "Ouch".

I guess his young wrestler wasn't looking forward to wrestling Cody.
He probably had a good reason. :-)
Cody got a tech fall in 2:14.

(I will post a video later today of the first part of his match.)

Saturday was the Valentines Dance at church. It was a little slow getting started, but we had a great time.

Darryl got me a very unique Valentines Present this year. New Salt shaker and Pepper mill. I know, you are thinking "That's not very romantic!" But he thought of me and what I really wanted, that makes it romantic to me! (Every time I see them on the table I will think of Darryl and Valentines, and hey, it's not fattening and won't die in a week! :-)

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