Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Men in Romania

I know that these images are small, but I cannot figure out how to enlarge them. The first 4 are of the town and area where Darryl and Cody are working near the Black Sea. (I think it is Tulcea but I will find out for sure today).

****************************** This Weekend they took a 6 hour drive and went to visit some very famous Castles. The fairy tale type castle is Peles Castle built sometime in the 1800s for the Kings Residence. Darryl said Cody took over 200 Pictures of this castle.

The Interior of this castle is AMAZING!!! Look it up online sometime.

This last castle was the main reason for the visit. It is Dracula's castle the home of Vlad the Impaler (one of the most gruesome of the Mad Kings and Queens of Europe). Funny Story though. Darryl and Cody went into the small village just below the castle and looked at all of the souviners and lo and behold Darryl found something he just had to have. A CTR ring. He is probably the only person around with a CTR ring from Dracula's Castle. ;-)


Cali and Travis said...

So So So FUN! Wish I were there! I miss Europe!

Elaina said...

Nice to see pictures of Romania. My brother in law went there on his mission. Sweet!