Thursday, October 29, 2009

Islands, Shells and Sun

Last Saturday Darryl and I rented a Kayak and paddle out towards the island. It was farther than we thought. We didn't make it out to the island, but we did find a secluded beach where we swam and snorkeled and found pretty shells to add to our collection.
Yesterday Wednesday Oct. 28th, the Wind blew very hard and we had quite a dust storm. With all the dust in the air one could look straight into the sun as it set.
It made for a very picturesque view.
Sometimes I sit on the wall and see such beauty and wonder what I ever did in this life to deserve this?
Then the answer comes, it's not what I did or what I didn't do for that matter,
but I must learn to recognize my blessings and give thanks for them. So I will give thanks to the Lord.
You really should come down to see us soon.
Have a wonderful day!

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Hillary and Jake said...

I am so excited I can't wait