Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunday Scenes

On Sunday, after General Conference, Dad and I went for a Sunday drive to the peaceful little coastal town of San Carlos. It is about 4 miles from our house. The floods from the hurricane did quite a bit of damage here, taking out a large section of the main road. I will have another picture at the end showing the hole from a different angle. We drove to the end of the road on the coast where the Paradise Resort is located. This is the entrance.

We drove up to the look out. This shows another big resort next to the Paradise Resort.
At the look-out there are great vistas of the Sea of Cortez (or, if you are in the U.S., the Gulf of California).

Looking down at the rocks.

Later this week I will do a post on this unique mountain (Quit laughing Skye).

Looking out onto San Fransisco Bay over to Bahia Delphin.

This is an unusual tree. Those are the longest bean pods I have ever seen.

This is the same hole that you saw at the first. Yes, many places on the roads around here are washed out, but the people are coping.

We returned from San Carlos around 5:30 and went for a stroll on the beach.
(Yes, that is Darryl in shorts and flip-flops)

The best sea shells lie just at the edge of the water.

He makes another find.

And what have we found???

Well, that is pretty!

At this point I hear him say... "Cindy, what are you doing?"
My shell finding skills are not as well honed as his.

But I like watching him more than looking for shells anyway. :-)

Vaya Con Dios!


Cali and Travis said...

Okay tell daddy to extend the job until at least April or May. And I'm crunching the numbers trying to figure out when and how long we can be down there!

travis said...

no shorts and cowboy boots, just doesn't look natural