Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hillary's New Antagonist

No, it's not any of her sisters or even her sweet hubby. It is this little round guy, commonly called a "Skate" around the beaches here but more formally known as
The Cortez Round Stingray.
Hillary and Jake arrived for a vist on Saturday around 2:00 p.m. They immediately went for a swim in the water and the we kayaked out to the entrance of the estuary. I started to bring my camera, but didn't. I wish I had. As we crossed the sandbar to the Estuary, we found 5 dolphins just playing in the water there. They frolicked around our little boats, swimming very close and going under them at times. How I wished then that I had had my camera.
When we arrived back at the beach Hillary stepped out of her kayak and tried to dodge the sand that her husband threw at her. As she stumbled backwards, she stepped on a little stingray and it stung her. The treatment for such a sting is to soak your foot in Hot Water for 90 minutes, and, according to the neighbors, it helps if you put vodka in the water. Steve, our neighbor supplied the vodka, Hillary soaked her foot, and although sore, she was up and going the rest of the evening. She did say that her foot felt a little hung over on Sunday Morning though. :-)

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