Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Saturday Wild Life -

Okay... all you men who may be reading this... don't go away!! There is a reward. I promise!
First off, Darryl and I have realized that without our children around we are very, very boring. You know, kind of like Jesse and Kelly. :-) Just kidding J&K. You couldn't possibly be as boring as us. You have a Wii!
On Saturday we decided to take the Kayak out on the ocean again and this time look for some of the birds for Skye's wildlife project. There are no birds in this picture, just the condos.But there are these cool ducks here that dive under the water and stay under for a long time. They fly very fast too. That's why you can't see the duck in this picture very well, he was flying too fast.
Ah, well,..... maybe we will see more wildlife as we paddle along the shore.
If you look very carefully over the beach you will see the wild eyes of "Motorhomussaurus Rex" staring at us.
And in this picture you can see the lone seagul as it stared at the strange white 'object' moving the kayak along.
Of course, this is the wildlife most often seen on the beaches of San Carlos. This creature was accompanied by two dogs. The one in the picture and the one......
who came to take a closer look.
Oh, and to the guys... that last picture was the reward for reading the post. But don't stop now, you never know what might be coming up.
This specimen of wildlife is rare on this beach. It only comes out on Saturdays and can be seen scouring the sand for shells.
It used to be extremely pale and pasty looking, but after 3 or 4 Saturdays it is starting to look a little more wild and colorful!
And these little guys with their bright red, very long beaks, are very fun to watch.
As opposed to watching paint dry or corn grow that is.

Just to prove that we were in the kayak on the 'Sea of Cortez'.

This Brown pelican was too tired to be concerned with us. I do love to watch them when a whole flock of them will dive bomb for fish. Splash! Splash! it's great!
Oh look! Two more of the speeding diving ducks flying away so we can't see their markings!
I did have a couple of pictures of the two of us in the kayak. Darryl took one look and said.... "Uh, let's not ever let those be seen in public. I agreed (although I thought I was looking pretty good, then the bikini gal came by).
So.... you are spared having your brain killed with the sight of white pasty fat people kayaking and the world is safe once again!
Hasta la Vista Baby!!!!!