Friday, November 13, 2009

Nice Boot!

Okay, here is a funny story for you........On Wednesday I had to drive to Nogales (255+ miles) to pick up a package. On the way there, is a mandatory stop at the Mexican Military Inspection Station where nice young soldiers ask you to step out of your car so they can inspect it. Usually very thoroughly. Well, I was not driving my truck, but my co-workers and his children's car seats were in the back. My young (around 30)soldier asked me if those were for my children. I said no.. Grandchildren. He said "No, No! Su Abuela?" You're a grandma? I told him yes and told him I had 7 children and 8 grandchildren. He looked at my documentaion and started telling my I was very pretty in broken English. He asked about my work and my husband. Told me I looked very pretty (In Spanish) and sort of inspected the truck while smiling at me.

Okay.... I am neither conceited enough nor narcissistic enough to think he was really sincere, but it was nice to hear and so I smiled and told him he was very sweet thinking he was just trying to be nice to the old American Lady. When he finished the inspection I turned to climb up into the pickup and he paid me one last complement in English telling me I had "Nice boot". I smiled and said thank you, I appreciate it very much. Then as I drove away I thought.... I am not wearing boots, I am wearing sandals. OH MY GOSH!!! He meant "Nice Butt!". (In the Spanish Lauguage the U always has the sound of the double O in boot.) I started laughing so hard I cried. What a punk. I guess I should have been offended, but after eating a 1000 calorie a day diet for 6 weeks and exercising 5 days a week at 4:30 in the morning, I will take any compliment I can get.

Have a good day!