Monday, November 23, 2009

Last Weekend

On Saturday we went to Romiro's Sanchez's 15th Birthday party at a Friends house on the Beach. It was a little cool and windy but we had a lot of fun. Here are his twin sisters (They are 6) Itzell on the left and Janelli on the right. And yes, they ALWAYS dress alike! It is so Cute! These pictures were taken during primary on the 15th. We had our primary program in Sacrament and all of the boys wore white shirts and Ties (the leaders brought ties for the boys who didn't have them), all of the girls wore white dresses, and all of the leaders black skirts and white blouses. Except someone forgot to tell Mckenzie and I. She wore pink and I wore my Brown, Tan and Black striped dress. The boy in the back in the blue shirt was not there for the program, he came just for Primary.
Our primary president addressing the Primary.
All of the Girls had Pretty things in their hair during the program. Some took them out afterwards. Jenelli and Itzell were separated by a friend. It doesn't happen often, believe me.
Little Michele is 3. Her mom is the primary President and the Stake Presidents wife.
Dad and I went out to the beach to try and get some Christmas Card pictures. Yuck... I look like a cow! Oh well, at least I am a warm, tan cow! :-)

Funky wind blown hair on the cow.
Let's put the picture of dad on the card, He looks good!
Okay, since I am on the beach we'll just say Whale.... Oh wait...
aren't whales called cows too? Ugh!!! we will try again on Thanksgiving.


Jessica said...

You need to stop! You look amazing! You did remind me of a funny (to some people) story... When I was 9+ months pregnant with Davy I asked my hubby to help me up from the couch and he said, "Why? Are you a beached peach?" (Peach is what he always calls me.) I burst into tears and replied, "You mean a beached whale?!" I still haven't forgotten. And I won't ever let him forget it either.

Allon said...

Nice blog.I like that. You seem to have enjoyed last weekend.The awesome pictures tell the story.The sea site is very refreshing to be.