Thursday, December 24, 2009

Come To My House This Christmas!

We realized that we had a very limited selection of CD's to choose from here in Mexico. For Christmas we have The first Manheim Steamroller or the Forgotten Carols. The other U.S. Christmas CD is instrumantal only. Three weeks ago dad purchased a Mexican Christmas CD. There are traditional Christmas Carols in Spanish, and a couple of traditional Mexican Christmas song.

The one we have chosen is titled "Ven En Mi Casa Esta Navidad". "Come to my house this Christmas". The singer is listing all of the reasons to come to her house for the holiday. I am sure one of the reasons is "Because unless you are in Florida, it is warmer here than where you are.", or "We will eat Mexican food all day!" and maybe "Go barefoot all day and your feet won't get cold." What ever the translation..... Enjoy!



Cali and Travis said...

Very nice. Although I thought it was interesting that you went from the Mexican Martha Stewart/Paula Deen to a strip tease. Still, it was fun and made me very jealous. I wish I could go to the beach on Christmas!

Jacob and Cami said...

Cool! I think the song said "This is my first Christmas on my mission and we are getting ready to eat, but dad had to go find the special Christmas star fish to complete the table setting, and then we have to do the traditional dance around the table. But since we only have pictures and no real family here let's go snorkeling instead." And you thought I couldn't speak spanish.

Guffey Family said...

Nominated for :
"Best disguise" - Who ever the poolboy in the ball cap was kissing Martha Stuart.
"Best use of props" - Mom's double D's used in a strip tease.
"Best wanna be Kenny Chesney video" - two geriatric country bumpkins in a beach house dancing the two step worthy of Billy-Bob's.
"Best usage of Primordial instincts" - Dad using his mad hunter/gather skills to put food on the table for Christmas dinner. How much meat do you get out of a star fish?
"Best use of Magic" - Mom clearly disapearing into the glare out the back door yet mysteriously reappearing through the side door.

Consensus - It was great we will watch it again and again. Although we're not sure if the grandkids were laughing with you or at you,

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Most assuradely at us, because we were laughing at us too!

BTW- Where is your video entry?

Hillary and Jake said...

I loved it, especially whenever Dad was near the camera you could hear him mumbling. I really liked the starfish too, and I agree with Cami's interpretations.