Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The SUU Humanitarian Project

I thought you would like to see pictures from the SUU Humanitarian Project. They are building a little house for a woman named Rosario and her 5 children who live in our stake. Her husband was abusive and I understand he is gone.SUU sent one group down the week before Christmas and then a group of families came down the week of Christmas. They cleaned up the lot, laid out pavers for a walk way, staked off a footer that surrounds the existing structure and start digging the footer and putting in Drain lines. Then they pour the footer and start laying up concrete block walls.
Kathryn and her sisters play with the neighbor children.

For Utilities they have a hose that runs city water into a barrel and some buckets so they can have water and an extension Cord that bings power from the meter on the street to their house. No indoor plumbing at all.

This is a look into their one room shack that
measures about 12' x 12'.

The walls are not finished, and will be completed when another SUU group comes back for Spring Break in March. They did pour a small section of floor and installed a toilet and shower
base then put a temporary roof over these meager bathroom facilities. They still won't have running water so they will have to bucket flush, but it is better than what they had.
Above you can see the front wall of their existing home and the little bathroom area. The bathroom area measures about 4' x 5'.

Boyd and Tyrell put them temporary roof on over the "Bathroom".

Boyd asking Darryl for his opinion about something as they discuss the bathroom.
The side and Back corner of the old house and the new walls. When the new house is finished the family will be moved to a friends house for a night while the walls of the old house are demolished and carried out the front door and a new floor is poured.

Yes, the other side wall is just cardboard and foam.

The only table the family had was kept outdoors along with much of their clothing and personal belongings.
The pile on the right is sifted through a screen to produce the pile on the left which is used in construction. The group also planted a small garden and did some landscaping of sorts.

This is the second group made up of five families from Ceder City, Alton and Kaysville, Utah.

The Neighbor kids came to watch the Americans. We were the new curiosity in the neighborhood.
L-R: Doug Heaton, Carol Fife, Kirsten Hofeling and Blaine Hofling in the background.

Brother Boyd Fife, who heads up this project and is the head of the Construction Dept. at Southern Utah University with Rosario and her children.
Boyd will be back with another group of students in March. We look forward to working with them. On Saturday the 26th, Darryl and I went to Rosario's and fixed the toilet (it had a part that broke and had to be replaced) and cemented in the last of the pavers. We plan on making several trips over the next few weeks to continue the work on the walls. Helping this little family really made for a Joyful Christmas.


Jessica said...

It's really crazy that so many people all over the world live in those conditions. We complained about having the power out for 2 hours! We are truly blessed.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Yep, it will make you rethink your priorities alright.

Hillary, I am pretty sure that Rosario is Santiago's Mother. Her situation is almost identical to the one described to me. I will check and make sure, but if she is I can understand her sacrifice and why Sues and his wife are adopting him.