Monday, December 21, 2009

Nauvoo Fun In Mexico

Sunday After ChurchThe Hofelings ('07-'09 pre-show and Blue cast) and the Davis and Fife families (2009 Green Cast) came looking for Darryl and I after church on Sunday. They have decided to spend their Christmas working on a humanitarian service project here in Mexico.
I didn't know the Fifes until last week...
..and I just met the Davis'. (Although Gabe and Molly went to school with and know Hillary and Cody). What wonderful people to give up the gifts and the goodies of the Christmas Season to help build a house for people who lost almost everything in the hurricane.
Since Sunday is not a work day, we had lunch in Guaymas at a friends home where they are staying, and then they came out to the beach by our house to hunt for shells (We do live on a great beach for shell seakers), watch for the dolphins, chase the stingrays (Jeremy actually caught a tiny stingray!) and enjoy the beautiful sunset.
Brother Fife decided to take the scooter for a spin!
Brother and Sister Hofeling pose for Sister Fife as she takes a picture in the perfect sunset.
The whole Nauvoo group on Bahia Delfin Beach, San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico!
Darryl and Cindy Cunningham.
Blaine and Kirstin Hofeling with Catherine, Christiana, Matthew, Daniel, Caroline and Carissa.
Mindy, Max, Molly and Gabe Davis.
Boyd, Carol, Heather and Tyrell Fife
Jeremy Jensen (2009 Work Crew)

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Adele said...

Oh how wonderful! I'm glad that you all connected. I have to admit I'm more than a little envious but hope that you all have a glorious Christmas in sunny Mexico!

Love to all!