Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Morning in Mexico

Yes, it was a beautiful sunny Christmas morning on the beach. Our stockings weren't very big, but they were full.
Okay... if you don't like olives this may seem gross, but olives stuffed with Bleu Cheese sounds yummy to me.
Dad got a whole new wardrobe for Christmas. 3 new Button up shirts, 2 pair of new jeans and 5 new Neckties.... but no new socks. :-)
Thank you Jesse and Kelly!!! I love it. (Yes, I used it on Christmas Day.)
Dad's famous photo from Aquatica earns a prominant place on the family Calendar! Thank you Cali, Travis and Gideon.
A gift from Boyd Fife... a new husband reminder..... er... Black Walnut rolling pin. Boyd and his son Tyrell made it from one solid piece of wood and it is beautiful.
As Darryl started to open this gift he said... well, this one can't be clothes. Wrong-o buster... I come from the Peggy Cunningham school of wrapping. The shoe box contained a pair of Wranglers and a new Button up shirt and Tie!
A special gift for me from Darryl. A little Nina for my home.
Cami and Jacob sent down gifts with Jesse and Kelly, and let me tell you, those cans of nuts and packages of Oreos didn't make it to Christmas Morning. YUM!!!
We had a wonderful Christmas. Thank you everyone!

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Cali and Travis said...

Looks like you managed to have fun despite having no kiddos around!