Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Cunningham Fun in August & The New Vessel Sink

We bought a new vessel sink yesterday to replace the one we had broken. It is nothing fancy but I think it looks very nice.
When we built our house 10 years ago we finished the downstairs floors with stamped and stenciled concrete to look like tile with the thought in mind that we would install carpet after a couple years. I am excited to inform you that the new carpet arrives tomorrow! (Wednesday) The first room to get carpeted is the Living room. We moved all of the furniture out, threw out the old curtains and put in insulated double cell blinds...
and now we are painting like crazy. I will finish the painting today and Darryl will install the new baseboards tonight.
More August fun! A week ago when Darryl left for work it was 32 degrees! Not a great day for him to be working outside.
On Friday Cali came over with Gideon to spend the night. Gideon helped grandma by eating up my slightly aging fruit and the watermelon .....
And then he helped me mix up the cookie dough.
On August 11th, I had the opportunity to hear my mentor, Chris Brady speak at a Team Mona Vie Super Open meeting in Salt Lake City. He is Internationally know for teaching leadership development and if you ever get an opportunity to hear him speak take it. He is not only a dynamic speaker, he is hilarious!
On August 14th at the Mona Vie Seminar, Skye was recognized for all of her work and success as a Mona Vie distributor. She is working all alone in Hawaii and the Idaho Team was happy to recognize her as one of their top Go-Getters! Dave and Claudia Walker were happy to stand on Stage with Skye & Ryan. :-)
And finally.... My lillies bloomed and they were beautiful!
The last couple of years we have missed it because of our travels for work, so it was nice to get to see this.
We were thinking that we are very boring people, and we probably are, but it has been a very busy and very fun August!


Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

The lilies are stunning!

Allon said...

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