Saturday, August 7, 2010

Surgery, Sewing, Darryl and Special Friends!

July 12th - After several years of severe hip pain and feeling it dislodge, Cindy (me) underwent hip resurfacing surgery at Lakeview Hospital in Bountiful, UT. I was walking on my own without crutches one week later and I am getting stronger and better everyday. Above is an X-ray of what my new hip looks like and below is an artist's rendering of a normal hip and what my arthritic hip looked like before the surgery.

I spent 18 days recovering at my daughter and son-in-law, Hillary's and Jake's and while I was there I supervised while Hillary sewed two dresses. It was her first attempt at sewing from a pattern. She had two different patterns to work from. This first one she is keeping,....

This other one is a little tight, so she sent it to Skye.

We celebrated Darryl's Birthday on Sunday August 1st instead of Wednesday the 4th since he was leaving for Houston on Monday the 2nd.

Happy 56th Birthday Darryl!
More Ammo....... Just what he always wanted!
On Wednesday our good friend, Eudaldo Chavez Zazueta (Lalo) and his family came from Obregon, Mexico to visit us in Idaho.

We took them on a tour of Dome Technology and one of their construction sites.

Brad had fun taking them on the tour, and they all enjoyed it. Even Grandma who is 89 years young.

We also visited several dome houses and then finished off the day by visiting the gardens at BYU-Idaho. Grandma Cindy was babysitting Gideon by this time and he had fun being spoiled by his new Mexican Aunts, Uncles, grandmas and grandpa.

They taught Gideon to say hola!

Lalo and Gideon at the pool.

Tia Blanca Rescues Gideon, or he tried to tackle her, one or the other.

They spent Thursday in Yellowstone and Friday at Jackson Hole.

Today the whole family came over to shoot guns and have lunch. We had a wonderful time before they had to leave to go home.

Vaya Con Dios mi Amigos especiales!


Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

She sent me a dress?! When?

Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

PS - I'm glad you had lots of fun with your Mexican friends and that dad had a good birthday!

Darryl Cody said...

Oops! I thought she told you about it. My Bad. Sorry Hillary if you read this?

Darryl Cody said...

That last comment and this one are not by Cody, I just forgot I was still signed in on his account.

WV - pugurg : What mom gets when she thinks about getting a dog.

Hillary and Jake said...

It's okay I did send it she just hasn't got it yet.