Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My First International Convention - Mona Vie!

Once again, please ignore the dates imprinted on the pictures. No matter how many times I change it or turn it off, my camera insists on going back to January 2007 everytime I turn it off and on. The real date on these photos was June 25-26, 2010.


This summer I had the opportunity to attend my very first convention of any kind. It was the Mona Vie International Convention held in Salt Lake City. Distributors from all over the world packed the Salt Lake Convention center for the two day event.
You can watch a highlight video of the convention here:
Mona Vie is the #1 Food or beverage in the entire Wellness industry, earning over $1-Billion dollars in sales in just 3 1/2 years and another billion in the next year and a half. In that time helping tens of thousands of people regain and maintain good health!

One of the keynote speakers was Dr. Alex Schauss, the leading expert on the health benefits of the Acai Berry, which is the main ingredient and crowning jewel of the MonaVie Blends.
I thought this display was interesting. The USDA says the average Man or Woman needs at least 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables a day. This grocery cart is holding 1 weeks worth of fruits and veges for a family of 4, at a cost of $250.00.
I have been drinking MonaVie for almost 2 years and I love the health benefits I can see and feel from it. Just 2 oz. in the morning and 2 oz. in the evening gives me 13 servings of fruits and the Highest Anti-oxident value of any food available.
The benefits are many.....

I am also a member of TEAM, a leadership group which helps in community building, Leadership Training and networking through MonaVie.

On a financial note, over 30 people have become millionares in the last 5 years as distributors for MonaVie. I have personally met several of these people who are my mentors and who help me to learn what they did to get to the top of this business.
It was a great weekend of learning and a good time spent with friends and mentors.......
And I was truly inspired by the final speaker of the convention, Dick Hoyt of Team Hoyt. You will recognize him as the man who pushes his son, Rick, who has cerebral Palsey, in Marathons and Triathalons.
Believe it or not Dick is 70 years old, and yes, he drinks Mona Vie!
When I started drinking MonaVie almost 2 years ago it was for my health. The results were amazing and not just for me, but for Darryl, Cali, Skye and Ryan. Hillary and Jake also drink the juice. Now, I not only see a great wellness product and a way to keep my family and friends healthy, but I also see an opportunity for developing great leaders and a fantastic business opportunity I can share with anyone who may find themselves in need of a financial lift, who is not afraid of a little hard work.
For information on the science and benefits of MonaVie please visit the following link:


Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

AWESOME! Wish I could have been there!

Aidan said...

Thanks for the wonderful post. It inspires people.I have read your article this is so nice and more informative.MonaVie is great.