Monday, August 30, 2010

Some Remodeling News and Blues.

When I came home from Utah at the end of July, Darryl was busy remodeling the house. He had his walk-in closet emptied and was refinishing and changing his closet, the master bathroom torn apart and being repainted and the dining room emptied as he repainted it. His closet is finished except for the carpet..... The new dining room floor is a beautiful hard wood,
He painted the dining room beautifully,

And it looks so beautiful. All we are waiting on is the Persain rug to come back from the Rug cleaners.

He tore out the old bathroom vanity and had this new one customed made to fit the sink. We purchased this sink 4 years ago in Taos, New Mexico for 1/2 price, knowing we would be remodeling the master bath someday.
Darryl put the tile on the counter tops and today I get to load up the drawers! Yea!!! We will be carpeting the master bedroom / bathroom and closets as soon as we get the remodeling done on my closet. Sometime in the 1st week in September.
See this beautiful sink? Well, it's soon to be a beautiful planter in Jesse's yard. (It will go well with her other Talevera planters). The drain flange broke when it was being installed, so we are now looking for another basin for our beautiful counter top. *sigh* We saved it for 4 years only to break it on installation. Se la vie! :-(

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