Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Florida Fun at the Beach!

Thursday after the playground we headed to the beach for some Sun and Surf. The Sun may have been hiding but we still had fun!

100_6817 100_6818

Sandy’s great Duck bill Trick!

100_6819 100_6825

Mary Alice (Maggie) Surveying the surf!

100_6827 100_6828

The Kite Master gets ready to demonstrate her skills!

100_6829 100_6830 100_6831 100_6832 100_6836 100_6837

I was attacked by the white haired sea ha-……er mermaid!!


Pretending to be mermaids on the “Ariel Rock” Yea….. not quite as sexy as we thought it would be. Haha!


Emily and Lily


Sandy….. how on earth did you get so wet!  The best part was that with my new hip I was able to out run her!! Hoo-Rah!


Emily and Lily…. shear joy on the beach!!


Gideon would love it when the waves rolled over him!!


OMG!! My eyes! My eyes!  Look at those legs on Shiloh and Jason!


Parker steps into the ocean for the first time….. sort of.

100_6863 100_6864

Emily knows how to have Fun in the Surf!!


The Dora umbrella was a very important part of her beach attire.


Maggie loves to play in the sand.


As did her big brother Adam.


And no True Elvis Fan could visit Ft. Lauderdale with out finding the Ft. Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce!  (I hear Elvis singing!)

100_6870 100_6872

“Courtesy of the Ft. Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce”.


Everybody sing with me!


Ryan and Skye Lowry said...

Looks like fun! That picture of Emily and Lily running through the surf is precious! I hope to join y'all next time.

Hillary and Jake said...

I want to watch girl happy now.