Monday, January 24, 2011

My Goal this Year

Like most people do at the beginning of January I have set some goals for myself. Actually, I have set many small goals and a few big ones. My husband taught me years ago that a goal that is not written down is just a dream or a whim. I am writing these bigger goals down so I will be held accountable, first to myself and then to anyone who happens to read this.
#1. Get in Good physical condition and run at least 3 - 5K races. This has nothing to do with size or weight, but how I feel physically. I have no more pain in my hip or back and no excuse not to exercise regularly and eat right to be happy and healthy for my family.

#2. Become a better person mentally, and spiritually by spending more time reading and improving my education and less time vegging in front of a silly movie or computer screen. To do this I will read each Sunday School lesson and the church magazines and at least 20 good books.
#3. Be a giver and think of others more. Smile at everyone and recognize that they too are children of God and only deserve the best I have to give.

#4. Attend the Eppert Family Reunion over Labor Day weekend this year. I believe that families are forever! I need to see my family more. I would hate for them not to recognize me in the hereafter. ;-)
May you find success this year as each of you work towards achieving your goals.


Mollie said...

Is that the cabin that you guys built in Indiana????

Cathy Shields said...

Good goals. My goal is to be more like Cindy :)

Loved the pic of the cabin, brings back memories.

Darryl and Cindy Cunningham said...

Yes Mollie, that is the "infamous" Cabin.