Friday, January 14, 2011

Ragnar Memories

On January 7th & 8th, team Fighting Tortugas take on the Ragnar Relay from Key Biscayne in Miami to Key West. 191.2 miles, 12 runners, 2 vans and drivers and 3 exchange race volunteers.
In 34 hours and 40 minutes they battled the flu, injuries, sleep deprivation and one caffeine overload to finish 270th out of 325 teams. They ran on city streets, plowed fields, a NASCAR track and alligator infested Everglade canal roads. Never stopping but pushing themselves to finish victorious!
Team Members : Runners – Darryl, Sandy, Mark, Jason, Mollie, Cali, Jake, Piper, Shiloh, Cami, Heather and Joe.                                 Drivers: Mike and Amelia    Volunteers: Cindy, Karen and Ashley   and the Speedway Traffic Fairy who shall remain anonymous!
It was so much fun I can’t wait until the next one!

Post Script - January 15, 2016
Because I wanted to post nearly 100 photos I linked them to my blog via and online "Cloud" Photo album. That was 5 years ago and I can  no longer access the photos. I do have them on an external hard drive somewhere, but it is sad that they will not be in this book. Sorry to my family. - Mom

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